Knee Operations



A knee replacement is a procedure aimed at replacing part, or all, of an arthritic knee joint depending on the pattern of wear. The aim of this surgery is to significantly reduce pain, improve knee range of motion and restore quaility of life. A return to low impact activities like swimming, walking, bike riding and golf is achievable within 4-6 weeks from the surgery. Depending on the case computer navigation techniques or patient specific jigs may be utilised.


Reconstruction of a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament restores stability to the knee and may protect against further cartilage and meniscal damage. The surgery is done through keyhole incisions and a further small incision for harvesting of the hamstring tendons that are used to recreate the ACL. Rehabilitation with a good physiotherapist is integral and competition sports can resume 7-9 months after the surgery.


This keyhole procedure to the knee can treat a variety of conditions inside the joint including meniscal tears, cartilage flaps and defects, loose bodies and some knee cap disorders. The procedure is done as a day case. Recovery is usually rapid and pain and disability are minimal.

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